Kunskapscentrum för sexualitet och hälsa

Stockholms läns landsting


Knowledge Centre for Sexuality and Health, KCSH  is part of Stockholm County Council, and work for sexual and reproductiv health and rights from a health promoting perspective. 

KCSH is a knowledge centre to support people who work with sexuality and health in the county of Stockholm in schools, with youth clinics, in caring professions and within non-governmental organisations, to name but a few examples.

KCSH also have a web site for children between the ages of 10 to 13, with information about the body and its transition from childhood to puberty, relationships and sexuality: www.fragachans.nu 

Services offered by KCSH include:

  • Courses and seminars

  • Free condoms for young people distributed at youth clinics and schools

  • Brochures, reports and information

  • Mentoring and support


Contact KCSH

Box 175 33
SE-118 91 Stockholm

E-mail: kcsh.hsf@sll.se

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